DIY Weddings

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There is no shortage of blog posts about DIY inspiration on the internet, especially when it comes to your wedding. Over the years I have seen everything from DIY cakes to DIY dresses! If you’re looking for some inspiration, see this collection of my favorite DIY details from 2AM Weddings!

Noelle and Ted’s October wedding at the Globe Theater in Calgary, AB, was full of unique DIY touches. The crowning glory of which was her handmade owl and the pussycat themed knitted dress and shawl. Noelle blended two different patterns and used hand-dyed yarn to create this impressive piece.

Clair also went the DIY dress route for her September wedding at Fort Worden in Port Townsend, WA. Blending the dresses of two of her best friends and her mother, Clair created a layered skirt dyed with natural dyes and paired with a custom satin corset. Both dresses expressed the brides’ individual styles and became a tangible memory of an important day.

Want to look at knitting your own dress?

Wedding favors are fun, sometimes silly, addition to a wedding. They give you another opportunity to show off your style, share a meaningful quote, and leave your guests with a reminder of your special day. Favors can be anything; we’ve seen thrifted teacups, horseshoe magnets, and our favorites, as you see above, are always going to include candy!

Amy and Alix chose to share lyrics from the Decemberists on their bag of saltwater taffy. Krys and Katy used vintage milk bottles to share an assortment of treats. Rachel and Matt took it up to 11 by hand-making chocolate butterflies to include in their take home S’mores kits. If you’re going to do it yourself, you may as well do it big!

Krys and Katy’s vintage milk bottles can be purchased here! Matt and Rachel’s butterfly candy mold can be purchased here!

Choosing a variety of shades in your signature color is a great way to create interest in a simple room

Sometimes you end up with a less than ideal space for your wedding celebration. The addition of some DIY decor pieces can make a big difference. Amy and Alix worked on a tight budget for their August wedding at Semiahmoo Park in Blaine, WA. The Cannery Day Lodge overlooked the water, but the interior left something to be desired. The couple spent the weeks before the wedding fashioning 45 paper stars in varying shades of blue, teal, and copper patina to bring the room together. Friends and family helped hang the stars from the lodge’s ceiling, creating the feeling of dancing under the stars!

So many great details can be made from paper! Check out this book on making paper flowers to customize your space!

Cake is all well and good, but what about COOKIES?! Sugar Cookies are not only delicious, but infinitely customizable. Shelly and Cory married in 2014 in Blaine, WA and chose a brightly colored, dragonfly and daisy theme for their wedding. The cookies provided an additional splash of color and a tasty treat. Clair and Layla opted for an even more detailed cookie. As an artist, Clair just couldn’t be satisfied with a simple cookie, using techniques she typically applied to pottery, she hand painted dozens of cookies for their weekend long celebration.

A simple cookie decorating kit can get you started on your own custom cookies!

Outdoor weddings are basically a clean slate to decorate and customize anyway you like. Chris and Missy’s country themed wedding used borrowed hay bales and white table cloths to create a unique ceremony seating option. The aisle runners are simple galvanized buckets filled with the couples favorite flowers in the wedding colors.

Clair and Layla also utilized simple white tablecloths. With thrifted lace, handmade flags and recycled vessels in muted shades, they were able to create a soft, vintage feel at their outdoor celebration.

Purchase tablecloths like these here

Your tables are another great place to bring in your style. Rachel and Matt put their own spin on the shabby chic trend by wrapping mason jars in burlap and lace, tying them with raffia, and gluing vintage jewelry in the center. They filled the jars with flowers and placed them on wood rounds cut from a fallen tree from their parents yard.

Amy and Alix went another route, creating their centerpieces from the ground up. A friend made planter boxes for them from recycled pallets, which they painted their signature teal color. By planting them with a sedum months before the wedding, the boxes created a living centerpiece full of color. Alix crafted teal and copper tentacles to include in the planter boxes, increasing the life-like feel. The couple could bring home the pieces and add them to their garden and home decor as a daily reminder of their special day.

Chris and Missy carried over the flowers and galvanized buckets from their ceremony space to the tables. They chose to place photos of their family over the years in the center of the table along with thrifted horseshoes to bring home their theme of rustic family togetherness.

Burlap, lace, mason jars and air dry clay can all be purchased for a low cost and be repurposed after the big day!

Even amid a global pandemic, people want to find a way to celebrate. Chris and Missy decided to make safety and social distancing a part of their celebration and their decor. Custom masks were ordered in their wedding colors and set out for guests to wear during the wedding. Melissa’s mom devised an ingenious plan for guests to indicate their comfort level with interaction and social distancing. Red paper bracelets for “please keep your distance” Yellow for “talking is great, but please don’t touch!” and Green for “You’re part of my bubble, let’s hug!” The family also laid out COVID screening questionnaires and contact tracing sign-in sheets next to sanitization supplies. Modifying your wedding for safety doesn’t have to mean you get married in a hospital!

Customizable masks can be made here or screen print them yourself! and paper wristbands here

DIY weddings save money, reduce waste, and allow families to include touches that no one will ever see again. Taking the time to Do it Yourself will make your event truly memorable. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to help, making your wedding a real community event.

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