Photography as Witness

Bearing witness is one of the highest privilege’s I hold as a photographer, Photography is, at its most simplistic, the capturing of a moment either digitally, or on film. At its core however, it is the freeze frame of a memory, the culmination and capture of an idea, and so often, the silent witness to the most significant events in our lives.

5 Tips for Your Tiniest Models

Working with babies, toddlers and young children is a lot of fun, and can be a comedy of errors. Some of my favorite photos have come out of shoots where the parent was convinced we didn’t get anything because their little model just wasn’t into it that day. Whether you are trying to snap someContinue reading “5 Tips for Your Tiniest Models”

Intimate, Backyard Country Wedding

Chris and Melissa Melissa came to me with an uncommon problem for an uncommon time. Her wedding, formerly a 250 person event scheduled for late May, was now a 30 person event planned for mid-September. Her previous plans had included a clergy member to deliver the service, with a standard text and lots of experience.Continue reading “Intimate, Backyard Country Wedding”