Photography as Witness

Bearing witness is one of the highest privilege’s I hold as a photographer. Photography is, at its most simplistic, the capturing of a moment either digitally, or on film. At its core however, it is the freeze frame of a memory, the culmination and capture of an idea, and so often, the silent witness to the most significant events in our lives.

Halo and Kaleb welcomed us in to their moment to bare witness this last weekend. Their intimate wedding was a shared story that was written in every detail. From the reclaimed rings to the hand assembled guestbook, every aspect of their day was a celebration of creation.

Kaleb and Halo shared pieces of their history as survivors. Their current reality, struggling with immigration; and their hopes for the future. Radical honesty and a deep, queer love that heals, nourishes, and provides both a safe haven and a secure base from which to launch.

The wedding was truly a gathering of community. Friends and family joined in from all over the world via zoom. Chosen family milled about in the bright and intimate Bellingham Photo Studio laughing, sharing food and finding ways to help. A friend from school performed the ceremony, beloved friends helped make the gorgeous spring rolls and mini quiches. Readings written by Halo and celebrating the origins of love were shared as well as a poem by Walt Whitman.

We are grateful to be able to bear witness to many life events as photographers. That said, there is something especially beautiful, and revolutionary, about baring witness to an unapologetic, community supported, healing oriented queer love. We are forever humbled to be trusted to bare witness to your love. Thank you Halo and Kaleb.

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