Have Camera, Will Travel

When you think about your best possible work day, what does it look like? Are you in an office? Are you outside? Are you…on Oahu surrounded by babies, flowers and people you love?

I got to do that last one

I think you can guess what my dream day looked like! In March of this year, I was invited to join my best friend on a trip to Oahu to celebrate the birth of her new niece and nephew, Harper and Jack.

Pictured: Auntie Love

Twins are always exciting for passer’s by, and Jack and Harper were no exception. Walking down the road at the families local beach, double stroller in tow, we made quite the scene. Just a little over a month old, Jack and Harper did their best to manage their stardom.

newborns tend to be sleepy clients

Tiffany and Shawn, brand new parents and generally excellent human beings, took it all in stride. Each cry of “oh my god are those twins?!” was met with a good natured “they sure are!”

Taking photos of this little family was special for multiple reasons, not only because I got to do it in the middle of paradise. I’ve known Tiffany since she was 5 years old, her sister is my best friend in the entire world, and these little guys were the very first twins I’ve ever had a chance to photograph! Its been a little while since I’ve had time to post, so now, our twinnies are over 6 months old, crawling, smiling, and being generally grown up babies. I suppose if I ever needed another reason to go back to Oahu, its that in not too long, we’ll be celebrating their first birthdays!

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