Decadent Victorian Style Wedding

Layla and Clair

There is something particularly special about being able to craft both a reading, and the photography for a wedding. It allows me to not only capture the images from the day, but the intention behind it. Clair and Layla’s September wedding in Port Townsend, WA was steeped in intention. The couple wanted to capture the celebration of art, family and love in every aspect of their wedding.

Upon arrival at Fort Worden, an air of mystery and Victorian era decadence welcomed me as I walked up the wooden staircase to find my room. The buildings, former officers quarters converted into guest houses had a muted, white washed feel that made everything look desaturated in the most pleasing way.

Clarissa, a local artist from Ferndale, WA designed detail of the wedding to match her vision, there were no accidents. From the bleached peacock feathers to the actual animal bone boutineers and the porcelain dolls guarding each entry, this wedding felt like the most romantic haunted house I’ve ever attended. The wind was high the morning of the wedding and as Clarissa dressed in a gown she made by joining pieces of the gowns of her best friends, her mother and some thrift store finds, family and friends ran around tryin to keep the off white linens on the tables by holding them down with bottles and more flowers.

When the time came for the couple to see each other for the first time, Clarissa, accompanied by her other partners CJ and Ruth, and her longtime close friend Corey was presented like royalty, Layla, falling to their knees lost their breath.

The wedding ceremony included a rendition of Perfectly, Imperfect by Ani Difranco, a community affirmation in support of the couple, and the crashing of waves from the beach below the cliff where their exchanged their vows.

The reception included hand painted sugar cookies displayed on antique silver platters and dancing until the wee hours to everything from zydeco music to P!nk. Layla created an array of finger foods that left no one hungry. When it came time for speeches, the poem crafted for Layla and Clair, “I don’t have TIME to write you a poem” was a hit, along with the readings, songs and dances done salon style by family and friends.

Perfectly, imperfect it was, and there will never be another wedding like it.

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