Intimate, Backyard Country Wedding

Chris and Melissa

Melissa came to me with an uncommon problem for an uncommon time. Her wedding, formerly a 250 person event scheduled for late May, was now a 30 person event planned for mid-September. Her previous plans had included a clergy member to deliver the service, with a standard text and lots of experience. This new iteration would involve a family friend with an internet ordination and no idea what to say!
Melissa and Chris knew that they wanted a ceremony that spoke to who they are as a couple, their history, and their future, and that Chris definitely did NOT want to cry in front of everyone. I worked with Melissa to create a customized wedding ceremony that incorporated their story, community, and Chris’ desire to recite their personal vows privately. In addition to preparing the ceremony, I helped to modify a reading for their wedding AND took the photos! The result was intimate and personal, yet shared the couple’s unique love with their children, family, and friends.

Unfortunately for Chris, we caught at least one photo with tears in his eyes, after all!

Here is a snippet of the ceremony I created for Chris and Melissa. To to look at creating your own custom wedding ceremony, book a 30 minute consultation with me today!

Invocation: There is nothing greater in this world than finding the people with whom we feel safe, secure, and most ourselves. We search to find the person most accepting of our flaws; fortunately, Chris doesn’t have any.

 We search to find the person most encouraging of our dreams; even when are dreams involve 200lb st Bernard’s. But most of all, we search to find the person who loves us so unconditionally we simply can’t do anything but believe it.

Vows: Chris and Melissa have opted to share their vows privately, a promise between the two of them to love hard, laugh hard and hold fast on to each other and their family, as long as they both shall live.  I ask them today, to affirm the promise of those vows for all of us to witness.

Chris, Do you promise Melissa, Charlee and Harper to be there, to show up, and to live by the promises you have made them? 

Melissa, do you promise Chris, Charlee and Harper, to be true to yourself, to hold them tight, and to live by the promises you have made them?

Spoiler alert: They both said “I do”

After 10 years and 2 kids, Melissa and Chris were finally able to celebrate their commitment in front of family and friends on September 19th, 2020, at the home of a family friend in Blaine, WA. Check out the gallery below for some more images from this intimate backyard wedding.

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