Fall Photo Time!

What’s not to love about fall? Even if you aren’t a PSL fan (too sweet for me) there is just something so comforting about the shorter days, the cooler weather, and the warm glow of turning leaves. Here, in the Pacific Northwest, our seasons are not particularly dramatic. We go from grey and cold, to grey and hot, to grey and wet and back to grey and cold. We do get the occasional treat of a burst of sunshine though, and those are the days I am especially happy to have my camera, and a smiling kid to take photos of.

Image description: John Wayne age 4 with blonde hair and a big smile wears a yellow fire fighters costume and matching hat. He holds out a fresh red apple to the camera with a bite out of it.

4 year old John Wayne was very excited to wear his fire fighter costume during his annual fall photo shoot. This year, his mom Katie chose to meet me in Sedro Woolley for a day of apple picking at Jones Creek Farm and even brought along some friends! After a raining morning, the sun was shining just enough to create some spectacular images as John Wayne and his friends ran through the apple trees, investigated bugs, and tossed their apple cores to the farms resident chickens.

Image Description: John Wayne in his yellow fire fighter outfit is kneeling to investigate a pile of dirt and some bugs with two friends. He is holding an apple with a bite out of it and all three children are engrossed in their investigation.

We capped off the day with a little bit of puddle jumping, and hauling home bags and bags of fresh apples and pears. That night, while editing photos, my family and I enjoyed a taste of fall with a fresh apple crisp I made with the spoils of our day. There really is something special about fall in the Pacific Northwest, why not capture it in photos!

Image Description: John Wayne in his yellow fire fighter uniform holds a big stick and splashes in a puddle of brown mud happily.

Take a look through our slide show for more photos from our fabulous Jones Creek farm mini sessions with John Wayne, Katie and their friends!

Happy Fall!

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