Why Photos? Why Not?

Why do you hire a photographer? For weddings, to record the birth of a new family member, to capture a memory. People spend the money to hire a photographer because they want to remember. Photographers document special events; we capture images of the special people in your life at unique moments in time.

But what about…the other times?

Dana and I connected over Facebook, where she came across a set of beautiful images of women dressed in long, witchy gowns and holding animals, giving off a very mystical vibe. A hobby farmer and big-time Dungeon and Dragons fan (she plays a half-orc bard), Dana was immediately inspired by the mystical energy these images portrayed.
She approached me about collaborating on a photoshoot. We hoped to capture a similar vibe to the original shoot, but something that was utterly unique to Dana. And of course, we had to include her own beloved chickens, Hennifer and Birdie Sanders.

Obviously, I was interested. The best thing about this photoshoot? There was no…” good reason” for it. The reason was simply, “let’s play dress up and take some photos.”

There doesn’t always need to be an event to commemorate; there doesn’t always need to be a baby or a loved one or something you never want to forget. You don’t need a REASON to take a photo. Sometimes, photography is just…fun.

Not getting married this year? Not having a baby? Cool, be a chicken witch, and call your local photographer, just…because.

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